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How to remove broken antenna mast

Car wash snapped off my antenna and goodbye radio. base is still stuck I have used these before to remove the broken piece for a customer. i was cleaning snow off my car and when i went to clear the roof off the snow was so high i didnt even see the antenna beings i had a short billit. There are many reasons for car antenna replacement. Firmly pull up on the antenna mast and remove it and the nylon drive cable from the.

how to remove car antenna mast

Only way to remove the broken antenna mast stud is by drilling a pilot hole and using a small screw extractor. Hardest part will be centering the. t>I broke off the antenna on my '94 J Bought a replacement mast from AntennaMastsRUs but i'm having an impossible time removing part of. Replacing a Broken Auto Antenna: My Saturn Vue was in a tangle with a mailbox UPDATE: Be sure to remove the antenna before going through the car wash.

I just went through a broken antenna stud removal. . I did for almost 6 months, until I finally ordered a new mast assembly and replaced it. broken antenna it unsrews Antenna Base Removal Remove the antenna mast from the base. unscrw counterclocwise Detach the interior light. Remove the. Tips on how to replace a bent pillar-mount or fixed-mast car antenna. You'll have to remove the car radio to hook up the new cable. For about $5, you can buy.

I then just screwed a new antenna mast into the hole. Unscrewing the bolt and removing the whole antenna assembly from the fender is. Broken antennas get stuck all the way up, all the way down, or often Remove the assembly by pulling the antenna mast down through the. Toyota 4 Runner How to Remove Broken Antenna Mast and Install New Power Antenna Mast, 1) Turn car stereo on and allow mast to run up. Pull antenna mast .

replace power antenna with fixed

AntennaX Power Antenna Replacement Mast for Toyota Sequoia that you sometimes have to remove the entire antenna motor to fix the antenna, but I would. What we found that works best in removing a stuck mast is cut the largest mast If the cable is not the same length, then you probably have a broken piece left in. If the cable broke in the antenna, you need to remove the antenna to remove the take a 17 mm wrench and remove the nut over the antenna where the mast. Grasp the antenna mast and lift straight up to remove it while the antenna motor is running. Make a note of which direction the teeth on the plastic cable from the. Removing the Antenna and Replacing the Mast. By Drew. [Rob Robinette Adds: The antenna retraction mechanism in the 3rd gen RX-7 fails at a pretty high rate. Anyway, I can't seem to get the broken off stub out of the antenna you get off center then you aren't using torque to remove the stud anymore. The sign at the entrance to the automatic car wash says, “Remove antenna or turn off radio for before entering. We are not responsible for any damages. Well, I FINALLY completed my FIRST minor repair on my new (to me) Saturn Vue. Antenna mast was broken off and I had a replacement. Purchases vehicle used and previous owner snapped the antenna off. Now radio is all The screw that sticks up out of the mast is broken off. It is not necessary to replace the roof antenna mounting base. It was determined through review of returned parts that the broken antenna mast stud can easily.