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How to make vocals thicker

In this video, you'll learn my favorite vocal thickening trick that you can do in any DAW. I'll also share two more quick tricks for creating a thick lead vocal. A thin or . Do you want your vocals to sound larger than life? Learn how to get your vocals to sound big, present, and in-your-face: whether you're working. One of the steps is thickening up the vocal with delay. Not to be used as an effect. It's just to make that vocal thicker without sounding like it's doubled. My favorite.

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Hello everyone, I would like to get some tips on how to thicken a vocal performance. We tried using some pitchshift to give it a slight octave. But just to make a single vocal track more upfront. Is this h. Usually a thick solid vocalist should do the trick. In all seriousness, for example. Even professionally recorded vocals in big studios sometimes have weird frequencies that make them sound thin, harsh, or otherwise unnatural.

Do your recordings suffer from vocal tracks that don't cut it? Are your fans under the false Make a copy of the vocal track you want to thicken. An RP visitor wonders how he can get thick, smooth background vocals like producer That is thick and smooth as it is on Hysteria engineered by Nigel Green. From vocal styles to vocal effects, this guide will give you what you need to get the best vocal A fast attack (5ms) will make your vocals sound thick and heavy.

You can now easily fatten up vocals dimensionally in stereo with the VoxD or more conventionally, double-track it with the VoxD Thicken plug. and time change so as to make them fatter and more distinctive within the mix. It's important that you use something like Revoice Pro to really tighten the timing of these 3 vocals to make it sound like one big, thick vocal. Here's a reliable way to create a larger-than-life space for your vocal. 1. or more doubles of the main vocal part, just to thicken up the sound. Creating a doubling effect to mimic the sound of a “stacked” vocal or instrument part can be great way to This is an age-old trick to get a “doubled” guitar track. Okay, so here's the situation: You've got your beat mixed perfectly. Everything is sitting nice but.. now you have to work on the vocals! Oh no!. Vocals that are up front and wide command our attention and don't let go! Here are 3 tricks to get that Wide Vocal Sound in Logic. Vocal doubling (or 'double tracking') is a tried and true way to make your vocals more powerful and get a thicker, more polished or “produced”. You are unlikely to be able to thicken your vocal folds, apart from when they are inflamed, and as you get older, your voice (in both the male. The point is to make the main vocal layer sound thicker, not to have two or more vocals audible at the same time. This is the reason that the. Hey guys, are there anyway ways to make my vocals sound thicker/fatter or more full without the method of Stacking?.