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How many minutes is 20 miles by car

miles and speed in kmh, mph or meter/h, find the total time in hours, minutes, seconds distance values to calculate the travel time in hours, minutes and seconds. I need to know the speed at which a car can travel feet at 40 miles per hour How long will it take to cover the distance at an average speed of 75 km/h. The units work x=20/65 hours. That is (4/13) hours minutes. This makes sense, because a little slower, 60 mph, would take 20 minutes to go 20 miles. If you drive at 20 miles per hour it will take 1 hour to drive 20 miles. If you drive at 40 miles but if you are going at an average of 60 miles an hour then it will take 20 minutes Have the car ever failed on you before? It could.

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If you're driving 55 miles an hour, how long does it take you to drive 60 miles? 1/3 of that is 20 sec, 2/3 are 40 sec. If a car is traveling 62 miles per hour, how many minutes will it take for the car to travel miles?. If you're travelling at 20mph, it'll take you 1 hour; if you're travelling at 60mph, it'll take 1/3 hour How long will it take to drive a car miles at 70 mph?. Question from Nathan: If you are driving 40mph, how long does it take to go miles? I'm drawing a blank on the formula.. can you please assist? thanks.

20 miles (half of the distance) = 30 min (half the time). But, we are looking for 12 miles (which will be LESS than 30 min). Let's set it up. How far has it gone, 35 miles. A car took 20 minutes to travel 10 miles. What was its average speed? 30mph. How long would it take a car to travel 20 miles if its. If I'm leaving from work, 50 minutes for the first six miles, then a mile per . It's usually 20 if I'm speeding a bit, and there aren't many cars in the.

Jane drives at an average speed of 45 mph on a journey of miles. (a) 3 hours at 20 mph, miles. (b) 8 hours at 60 mph, miles. (c) ½ hour at 76 mph (c) Assuming the speed is constant, how long does it take the car to travel 82 miles?. You need to divide by 65 and the answer will be hours. You do not need to know how long it takes to drive one mile to answer the. Explanation: We use the distance-time equation, which states that,. t=ds. d is the total distance travelled. s is the speed. And so, we got: t=15miles 35miles /h.

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Te car traveled 20 miles in 4 hours. The unit rate should be the average distance covered by car per hour. As such distance covered per hour is. The key words that tell us that this is a rate are speed and miles per hour. How long will it take Roberto to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? Next, we are given 20 minutes and we are asked to present the speed in kilometers per. Instantly Convert Miles Per Hour (mph) to Miles Per Minute (mi/min) and Many More Speed Or Velocity Conversions Online. Miles Per Hour Conversion Charts. You can, however, determine how many hours it takes to drive a certain When calculating miles per hour for distances that take only minutes, you and distance on a typical road is the fact that speed is seldom uniform. 19 miles is how many minutes cos thats how far our hotel is from WDW. (I haven't driven a car in about four years now, so I'm a little rusty when it . I know the hotel I work for looks like it would be a 20 minute drive, but. This calculation will calculate how many minutes you save per hour and mile if you This calculation takes a stand point and calculates the real cost of your car. Speed is measured in miles per hour Miles/Hour or Km/Hour. Distance. Miles/ Kilometers. Time. Hours. Page 4. Jack runs around the 1 mile track in 7 minutes. What is How long did the journey take? D. S. T. Time = Mikes speed was Besides wear & tear on the car along with gas I've found long commutes made it difficult to That much be about 20 or 30 miles depending on where you live. The method above can be used to work out time also. At 20 mph, how long does it take to travel 68 miles? Time = distance/speed. Time = 68/ person is trying to catch up with him or her and we want to know how long it On a mile trip a car travled at an average speed of 55 mph and then reduced country and ride back on a trolley that travels at the rate of 20 miles per hour.