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What is the surface tension of mercury

This is a table of surface tension values for some interfaces at the indicated temperatures. Surface tension for some interfaces Mercury–air, 20 °C, You can find several surface tension values here: Surface-tension values The way you've asked it is somewhat underspecified, but I'm inclined. Liquids surface tension - water, mercury, oils and more.

surface tension of ethanol vs water

The surface tension of a liquid results from an imbalance of intermolecular attractive Mercury does not wet glass - the cohesive forces within the drops are . Consistent values for the surface tension of mercury in a high vacuum {air pres- annual average) have been concerned with the surface tension of mer-. Consistent values for the surface tension of mercury in a high vacuum (air pressure less than \ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}${10}^{\ensuremath{-}5}$ mm.

Surface tension values of common test liquids. CAS Ref.-No. Surface tension @ 20 °C in mN/m. Temperature . Mercury. The following is a brief survey of the present position of the knowledge concerning the value of the surface tension of mercury, together with an account of further. What I knew and what I found relevant is The high surface tension of mercury is due to intermetallic bonding. This bonding creates a strong.

surface tension of mercury vs water

The Surface Tension of Mercury and of Water in Contact with Saturated Vapors of Organic Liquids Surface Tension of Pure Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures. tension of mercury against liquid water (2) plusthe surface tension of liquid water in contact with its own vapor (23). If 3 be taken to repre- sent the value of the. Surface tension is typically measured in dynes/cm, the force in dynes surface tension of dynes/cm compared to for ethyl alcohol and for mercury. The surface tension of mercury on a glass substrate has been determined by the sessile drop technique. It was found that the uncorrected value of surface. THE interfacial tension between mercury and water is generally accepted, on the basis of capillary rise and drop weight measurements, as being about The &ace tension of mercury has been determlned by the d l e drop method In vacuo at 15, 20, 25, and OC. Ca. 50 measurements were made at each of the . The surface tension of mercury has been measured as a function of hydrostatic pressure up to MPa. The pressure dependence of the interfacial tension. Surface tension is the energy, or work, required to increase the to the polar surface of glass, it has a concave meniscus, whereas mercury. Water has high surface tension due to extremely high molecular binding force of water caused by the hydrogen bond between water molecules. But water is not. Surface tension of liquid mercury: a comparison of density-dependent and density-independent force fields. Anton Iakovlev1a, Dmitry Bedrov2.