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What is cinnarizine 15mg used for

Cinnarizine is used for the control of vestibular disorders such as vertigo, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting such as that seen in Meniere's disease. Cinnarizine is. Cinnarizine is an antiemetic agent. it is an international product. It is used in the treatment of peripheral and central vestibular symptoms, as well as labyrinthine. Cinnarizine is predominantly used to treat nausea and In a clinical study (n= ), treatment with cinnarizine reduced the.

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Patient information for CINNARIZINE 15MG TABLETS Including dosage instructions and possible What Cinnarizine is and what it is used for. Cinnarizine is an antihistamine used to treat Ménière's disease, travel Manufacturer's PIL, Stugeron® 15 mg; Janssen-Cilag Ltd, The. Cinnarizine 15 mg. TaBleTs What Cinnarizine is and what it is used for. 2. What you need to know it is used for. Cinnarizine belongs to a group of medicines.

Stugeron (cinnarizine): used for motion sickness Stugeron tablets contain an antihistamine called cinnarizine – 15mg in each tablet. Cinnarizine (Stugeron) for Vertigo and Motion Sickness Of course, 15 mg three times a day is similar. ingrediant in tea -- theophylline, and is used in an attempt to decrease the drowsiness caused by the diphenhydramine. Cinnarizine is a medicine that belongs to the category of antihistaminic medications. It is used to treat problems associated with the inner ear.

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Cinnarizine is used in a fixed dose combination product with as a non- prescription medicine in the United Kingdom (UK) in 15 mg tablets. Read reviews and buy Stugeron Cinnarizine 15mg Tablets 15s at Superdrug. Free standard Order Stugeron 15 is used to control travel sickness. The tablets . The fixed combination of cinnarizine 20 mg and dimenhydrinate 40 mg (Arlevert® , Hennig . The most commonly used drugs were a homeopathic combination. Med Arch. ;66(6) Betahistine or Cinnarizine for treatment of Meniere's disease. Djelilovic-Vranic J(1), Alajbegovic A, Tiric-Campara M, Volic A. CINNARIZINE 15 mg 3 times a day. Initially 15 mg, dose to be taken 2 hours before travel, then mg every 8 hours if required, dose to be taken during. First synthesized by Janssen Pharmaceuticals in , cinnarizine is an anti- histaminic drug mainly used for the control of vestibular disorders. The fixed combination (con sisting of cinnarizine 20mg and dimenhydrinate 40mg) Betahistine is primarily used in the treatment of peripheral vestibular. Betahistine; Prochlorperazine; Cinnarizine; Cinnarizine and Dimenhydrinate Cinnarizine is used to treat the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, vertigo and. What is Stugeron and when is it used? Cinnarizine is used to treat problems affecting the inner ear and balance, such as dizziness and. Stugeron 25 MG Tablet: Read uses, side effects, compositions & dosages of Stugeron consists of cinnarizine (15 mg) and belongs to the.

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