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What does omnipotent mean

omnipotent definition: 1. having unlimited power and able to do anything: 2. having the power to do anything. Learn more. Omnipotent definition is - almighty. How to use omnipotent in a sentence. Knowledge is Power: Defining omnipotent. Omnipotent definition, almighty or infinite in power, as God. Sometimes, we use phonic clues and do ourselves proud, but then there are the other times.

omnipotent god

In the scholastic understanding, omnipotence is generally The adaptation of means to ends in the universe does not. If you want to describe someone who can do absolutely anything, reach for the adjective omnipotent. Omnipotent comes from the Latin words for total (omni) and . Being omnipotent, God can do anything. However, that doesn't mean God has lost His omnipotence when the Bible says that He cannot do certain things.

Omnipotent definition: Someone or something that is omnipotent has complete power over things or people. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. Top definition My demonic powers have made me OMNIPOTENT!!! Omnipotence is the ability to achieve an erection or orgasm at will, this ability is. God is said to be omnipotent. This is accepted straightly without any analysis because omnipotence means that God can do anything. It clearly.

4 days ago Omnipotent” derives from the Latin omnis meaning “all” and potens or “powerful.” It is not a word used in the Bible, but “almighty” appears in. But what does all of this mean for us today? Just as the popular God's omnipotence gives us hope and confidence. In fact, it's what gives us. Definition of OMNIPOTENT in the xscape.me dictionary. Describing a cell ( especially a stem cell) that is capable of developing into any type of cell or. Definition of omnipotence in the xscape.me dictionary. In the monotheistic philosophies of Abrahamic religions, omnipotence is often listed as one of a. Omnipotent God - What does it mean that God is omnipotent? What is the definition and how should understanding this concept impact our lives?. Omnipotence means all-powerful. Monotheistic theologians regard God as having supreme power. This means God can do what he wants. Omnipotent is from the Latin omni- (all) and potent- (power), and when the word is applied to God, it means He is all-powerful. If God is the Creator of all. Define omnipotent. omnipotent synonyms, omnipotent pronunciation, omnipotent translation, English dictionary definition of omnipotent. adj. So omnipotent is art ; which in many a district of New Bedford has superinduced bright terraces of. omnipotent definition: The definition of omnipotent is someone or something that is all-powerful. (adjective) An example of omnipotent is God. The Meaning of Omnipotent. Omnipotent is one of the three omni words that describe God: omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (everywhere at once), and.