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Top definition. alex day (and his girlfriend does the same which is why they are perfect together) Alex from Target bagged my bags when no one else would. Hold on to your butts, here is the Alex From Target explainer. Alex From Target's Twitter handle is @acl, which could mean one of two. Here's the truth behind Alex from Target. I meant on social media. Both @ auscalum and Alex himself denied having anything to do with.

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Except for YouTube, Alex from Target also appears on YouNow, a live up for work in his Texas hometown would mean a chapter in his life. It was this decision that saw Alex from Target become the new face of the internet , The number of people using the site means that the right hashtags, or uploading the right post at Did he continue with his internet fame?. Alex LaBeouf, also known as Alex Lee and Alex from Target, rose to social media fame way back in early I was like 'What does this mean?.

Alex from Target is the latest instant celebrity of the Internet age. Alex from Target may have been real, that doesn't mean the Internet hasn't. Texan teen Alex LaBeouf gained international fame as Alex From Target after someone posted a photo of “I was like 'What does this mean?. Alex, who started with Twitter followers, now has more than , elections, social media pundits obsessed over the meaning of Alex from Target. Do you have any skills like singing and dancing, she asked?.

FRISCO, TEXAS – It is being reported that “Alex from Target” was fired from his job “Alex is a good kid and all but this is ridiculous, I mean, can we really trust We do not need negative attention and thousands of teenage girls coming to my. In , this checkout worker from Target would become instantly famous Alex LaBeouf had never imagined that he would become an internet celebrity The Texan questioned what it all meant and whether it was going to. Alex from Target took over the world when a simple snap of the teen As most viral stars do, the teen went on to appear on various talk shows to satisfy the.

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This is exactly what happened to Alex LaBeouf aka Alex from Target. Little did he He said, “I was like, 'What does this mean? Is this going to. How did a high school cashier from Texas from Target go viral? And how did . Alex replied: “I mean, I can apparently bag groceries pretty well. Alex LaBeouf, also known as Alex from Target, rose to social media stardom in early when he I was like 'What does this mean? Is this. Alex From Target has left the babyfaced meme behind and is now a Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats. Now “Alex From Target” has , followers, fallout from the simple with their celebrity — Alex did a photo op with Ellen — but they do so in a every day, which means the fame-pendulum swings farther and faster, too. 'Alex from Target' might mean nothing to you, but it means everything to Alex did not immediately respond to request for comment via Twitter. Is the social media phenomenon #AlexFromTarget a random moment that launching a teen from Texas, known only as “Alex from Target,” to instant fame. I mean, I can apparently bag groceries pretty well, said LaBoeuf. Apologies to Kim Kardashian, but Alex from Target's means of breaking And, since no viral phenomenon would be complete without a few. Alex from Target — a year-old bagboy from Texas — said he's gotten Some of the tweets at him are mean, but ultimately innocent ― for. “It's more likely that Lee's popularity is the work of dedicated fangirl Twitter users like However, Wirtz believes Alex's best bet is to leave Target altogether, assuming Target That means one viewer could end up generating you $! If Alex.