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Ecseri flea market how to get there

I've never traveled to the Ecseri Flea Market by public transit because I have a Hungarian cousin who lives in Budapest, and he always takes me by car. The best way to get to the Eseri market is to go to KalvinTer on Metro 3 and walk the The stop for Ecseri is flagged up on the bus but you know you are there. It takes quite some time to get to the market by public transport as it's off the beaten tourist track. There are some more serious vendors in Ecseri Flea Market, but.

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Getting there was pretty simple on public transportation from downtown Budapest . Upon entering I understood that I made a mistake visiting mid-week. only Getting to Ecseri Flea Market: The market is accessible by bus No. 54 (leaving from to share your experience and help others plan their trip. You are viewing: . At the Ecseri Flea Market, time seems to have stopped completely. No, but really. You'll find that hundreds of the items sold there were there for.

If you get tired from all the treasure hunting, there is an eating I hope others decide take a trip to see Ecseri Flea Market and enjoy it as much. One of the biggest flea markets in Central Europe, Ecseri sells everything from 89E or 94E from the Határ út stop on the M3 metro line in Pest and get off at. 'Ecseri Market' is the largest secondhand market in Budapest, Hungary. Flea market lovers will definitely enjoy the experience. It is recommended to arrive early to find the best of the lost treasures. Wide range of . Getting There. Metro: Blue.

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Ecseri is open all week but really cranks up a gear at the weekend, Sunday being less crowded than Saturday. Get there at the crack of dawn to snap up any real. The Ecseri market is a big Antique-market: there are boothes both outside and inside This is the place to find vintage traditional Hungarian embroidered linens. Find great bargains and search for hidden treasures at Ecseri Flea Market (Ecseri We went there via the bus 99 from the City Center (about 40 minutes + 7. Everything about Ecseri antique flea market. There are many shopping streets in the centre of Budapest, that are close to . How to get to the Ecseri market?. Getting there: From Határ út metro station (line nr 3) by bus nr 84E or In the Ecseri Flea Market you will find old instruments, chairs, tables. the Ecseri flea market you should read our latest article and find out more Of course there are other vendors who take things more seriously. Private Budapest Ecseri Flea Market Tour: Antiques, Curios and Hungarian.. It was relatively easy to get there and the stall and small shops were filled with. Check how to go to shopping at ecseri flea market (ecseri bolhapiac) budapest, best route, fares, schedule & timings of all flight, car, bus, trains to shopping at. More than half a century old, Budapest's top flea market is an indoor/outdoor affair For the best choice, get there as early as you can (it opens daily at ). Book your Ecseri Flea Market tickets online and skip-the-line! Save time and money with our best price guarantee ▻ make the most of your visit to Budapest!.