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Who decides who gets an oscar

After the votes are tallied, the awards are handed out at a glitzy ceremony, being held this year on February 22nd. But how, exactly, are Oscar. We delve into the murky waters of the Oscars voting process. So, who actually decides who wins each Academy Award? Oscar Fever Source. The academy—that is, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—is the organization that votes for the Oscar winners. Perhaps what's more interesting is .

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Who gets to cast ballots for the Oscar winners to be announced February 24? How do you get to vote for the Academy Awards. This form lists the production credits for all related Oscar categories. PricewaterhouseCoopers tabulates the votes in absolute secrecy and seals the results. Viewed by many as the pinnacle of Hollywood's awards season, here's everything you need to know about who votes for the Oscars and how.

The Academy Awards, also officially and popularly known as the Oscars, are awards for artistic . Votes have been certified by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (and its predecessor Price Waterhouse) for the past 83 annual awards. Whether you're working in movies or a casual observer, the Academy Awards are the film industry's most prestigious night of the year. When it comes to Hollywood, no annual event is more carefully scrutinised than the Oscars – and the Academy Awards are far from.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) votes to decide. This is an honorary organization, with the names of its or-so. A lot of people watch the Oscars, but there's mystery about who votes for the nominees and winners. We've broken it down for you. Being nominated isn't the only way in: Secrets behind the Oscars' guest list. Oscars voting is a complex and arcane affair. We break down the process so you know how exactly the winners got their awards. Voting for nominations begins in late December, and all votes are tabulated by During finals, all Oscar categories are on the ballot for voting members. The voting process that determines the Oscar nominees is a long and to get nominated: Those who were nominated for or won an Oscar the. As the stage is set for the 91st Academy Awards to be held this weekend, here is a look at the complex voting process that leads to the winners. The Academy Awards uses a proportional voting system to select the five nominees Whoever gets the most votes wins the Oscar and there is no need to get a. And now that we know the number of voters, we can determine how many votes it takes to secure a nomination in the 24 Oscars categories. Now that nominations for the 89th Academy Awards have been announced, you may be wondering who ultimately selects the winner of each.